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KÉK - Contemporary Architecture Centre

The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre - KÉK is an independent professional organization founded in 2006 to open new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking in Hungary. The objective of the institution is to initiate dialogue about architecture, the city, and its culture both within the professional scene and beyond, and to operate an independent and open center that promotes architectural education, awareness, and innovation among multidisciplinary professionals and the general public.

Through its fresh, provoking and focused programs, relevant also in an international context, KÉK is currently the only internationally acknowledged professional platform representing contemporary architecture in Hungary, and has built an extensive international network of like-minded partner organizations.


ADI Studio is the partner organization of the project launch research. Its main profile is strategic planning and urban planning, but it also deals with designing residential and public buildings.

The architecture studio specializes especially in preservative reconstructions of old - even heritage - buildings. As of today, urban plans, developmental concepts, and touristic developments have also become its specialty.


  • Barbara Bozsik Project Lead, Researcher
  • Barbara Szij Researcher, Project Coordinator
  • Eszter Dávida Researcher, Professional Advisor
  • Samu Szemerey Urbanism Expert
  • Bálint Kádár Urbanism Expert
  • Krisztina Kovács Project Coordinator
  • Dóra Kondora Communication Specialist
  • Tamás Kertes Research Assistant
  • Kata Csala Project Coordinator
  • Miklós Tömör Researcher, Professional advisor
  • Edina Cseh Researcher
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