In the framework of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme, we launched TÁJTÉKA, a project dealing with the development of an intelligent land use toolkit of the Balaton Uplands. The project explores and highlights the characteristics of land use in the region, the exemplary practices and the role of communities. We collaborate with local communities in the development of the TÁJTÉKA Toolkit, a compilation of local good practices, a set of practical recommendations for residents, newcomers and visitors, and a collection of future scenarios in 3 volumes. The aim of these is to show the possible means of connecting to a historic landscape today, and developing sustainable and regenerative lifestyles and community landscape management practices.

The TÁJTÉKA Toolkit consists of three volumes, two of which have already been published.

The Future Vision of the Balaton Uplands

Summary, methodology and results from the research of TÁJTÉKA, in the form of an online and printed book

Most of us have memories of Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton is at once an infinite row of wine cellars, a huge bicycle circuit, “the Hungarian sea” with all types of restaurants, an endless beach where there are too many tourists in the summer and only closed restaurants in the winter, where everyone wants to have a summer home among the lavender fields and hipster markets in “the new suburb of Budapest”.

But what is this region really like? 

What do people like about it? 

How have locals and visitors shaped the landscape?

‘The Future Vision of the Balaton Uplands’ is the first volume of TÁJTÉKA's toolkit, in which we aim to change stereotypical ideas about the Balaton Uplands by finding, collecting and showing what old and new values, practices and lifestyle patterns have developed based on the sustainable and real needs of the people living here and visitors who want to get to know this region.

The book summarises regional, but also nationally relevant and topical findings such as the

  • the overdevelopment of the Lake Balaton area and local solutions to this problem,
  • the issues caused by mass tourism and the seasonality of the region, 
  • dilemmas of local producers (such as organic farming, climate change and sustainability), 
  • sustainable tourism opportunities, 
  • local community initiatives, conflicts 
  • and the role of innovators in community development.


Barbara Bozsik, Edina Cseh, Eszter Dávida, Tamás Kertes, Samu Szemerey, Miklós Tömör


Barbara Bozsik, Eszter Dávida, Barbara Szij

Graphic design

Zsuzsa Czeiz

Welcome to the Balaton Uplands

User guide for residents, newcomers and visitors

How to live in the Balaton Uplands in a way that is good for the landscape as well as for the people living here? How can we make individual and community choices that are responsible for ourselves, the landscape and future generations?

The second volume of the TÁJTÉKA toolkit is a cultural landscape user guide for everyone who lives here, those who would like to move here, as well as visitors, local business owners, cultural organizers and local decision makers.

During the preparation of the book, we have gathered experiences and successful solutions for the region's management through a series of meetings and consultations with local decision-makers, entrepreneurs and community stakeholders.

Based on these, the book provides practical advice on relevant and topical issues such as

  • what to consider when moving to the region,
  • how to build and farm sustainably, 
  • how to live in harmony with the landscape and local traditions, minimising conflicts with local residents,
  • how to utilize local assets in developing successful but environmentally sustainable businesses and tourism services,
  • and how to foster cooperative communities.



Gábor Bódis, Barbara Bozsik, Kata Csala, Eszter Dávida, Tamás Kertes, Samu Szemerey, Barbara Szij


Barbara Bozsik, Eszter Dávida, Barbara Szij

Graphic design


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